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Help - How to find your bit

The site is divided up into sections covering the main groups of bits – Snaffles, Gags, Pelhams, Double Bridle Bits, Driving Bits and Hackamores. Within each section there are further sub divisions that make it easier to find the bit you require. Once you have located the bit you require, select the size and view the bit to make sure it matches the description.

If you cannot find the Bit combination of mouth and cheek, please click on the relevant link and send us a detailed description of what you need. We will then tell you whether we can assemble it for you.

Abbey Bits are Only available to the public through Saddlery retailers. Therefore, once you have selected the required bit, click the e-mail link and send us your details, which will include your chosen bit. We will then contact you with the location of the nearest retailer.

If you prefer to buy from an Internet retailer please indicate this on the form and we will send a list of web sites.

If you would like to use a particular retailer who is not an Abbey Bits stockist, ask them to contact us and we will supply them with a single bit.

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